About Maria

Maria Becker RN

Maria has been an RN for the past 15 years and entered aesthetic nursing 7 years ago. Her original move into the aesthetic industry was prompted by her own facial issues related to a rare disease called Parry Romberg Syndrome. She completed self-treatment over several years with laser and dermal fillers which created a natural-looking reconstruction result.

Maria is passionate about the aesthetic field. She understands the stress associated with facial changes and loves to help people make a plan to address their concerns.

Many of her patients have suffered through cancer treatments, severe acne, hormone imbalances or other disorders that affect facial features. Patients are thrilled when they find out how many non-invasice treatment options are available.

Maria’s goal in treatment is to create rejuvenated, healthy skin in a manner that is comfortable to her patient. She has a broad range of expertise that ranges from basic skin care to full facial rejuvination with fillers and laser. She is also a national-level, neuromodulator and dermal filler educator for doctors and nurses.

Many practitioners in aesthetics provide cookie-cutter treatments and are quick to jump to treatment before listening to patients. Maria educates her patients on all treatment options and then encourages the patient to choose what makes sense. Maria believes that an optimal result begins with the ability to listen; and is finished with technical skill and a creative eye.

When Maria is not at work, she loves to spend time with her 2 boys, husband, dog, cat and 6 chickens.





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